Regionals & States


About the Competition

Each year, Mid American Pompon hosts the Michigan State-Wide Pompon championship, open to all middle school and high school pom or dance teams from the State of Michigan. Two regional competitions are held where teams compete in an effort to qualify for the State-Wide Championship in February (held at Eastern Michigan University). Each team decides which regional competition they will attend. In addition, collegiate pom teams are invited to participate in the State Championship Competition. The teams are judged and ranked by total points.

Pompon performances are a team performance filled with exciting movements, ripples, and formations completed in a precise, sharp, and entertaining manner. Judging categories for State and Regional competitions include the following areas of criteria:

Appearance; Form,Execution; Skill Level of Ability/Talent; Formations/Transitions; Skill of Kick line; Choreography; Use of Poms; Team Unity, Precision, Rhythm and Timing; Smiles and Showmanship; Overall Impression; and Mistakes.