Music Editing

Ensure your team looks and sounds the best! Contact Mid American Studio to cut your music. 

Contact 248-477-5248 for specifics on how to have your music edited without traveling to Mid American Studio. By sending a full version of your song (s) either by e-mail, and a list of cuts and changes to be made, your music can be edited and sent out to you within 1-5 days.

Price: $25.00 for each half hour

During your session we will:

  • Load your original selection (s) onto our state of the art computer equipment.
  • Cut music to desired length using the parts of the song that you wish to use.
  • Speed up or slow down music
  • Fade ending if needed
  • Add sound effects or voice overs
  • Combine and Blend multiple songs to one track
  • Remove objectionable lyrics
  • Save final cut of music on Mid American computer system for 3 months.