Our History

Mid American Pompon, Inc. was founded in 1979 by Karen Blazaitis to give pompon team members the opportunity to learn routines in a positive environment and compete at a level of quality, while building self-esteem, outstanding skills and team unity. Operations are currently under the direction of Julie Hobbs-Julian.

Our Philosophy

At Mid American, community, inclusion, and kindness is at the heart of who we are. Our company was built on the foundation of being a welcoming place for all and we champion the diversity, and uniqueness that every person brings to the table. Mid American Pompon reinforces the values of positive self-image by setting guidelines that promote non-seductive or suggestive movements and routines. Mid American camps and competitions feature athletic-based pompon and dance routines. These routines encourage good posture and proper form; precise rhythm and timing; excellence of formations and transitions; showmanship; creative and visual choreography; outstanding kicklines and jump skills; and much more.