Audition Process

Our All Star Team is comprised of talented varsity-level pommers from all over the state of Michigan! Auditions take place every summer at various Mid American Pompon events in preparation for the upcoming performance season.


The only pre-requisite for All Star auditions is that all candidates must be current members of their high school’s varsity-level pom or dance team, and that team must be registered on the Advanced Field at one of the following MAPP summer events:

  1. Overnight Camp


  1. Interested candidates that meet the pre-requisite start their application process by submitting their Tryout Fee Here.
  2. After submitting the tryout fee, candidates should submit a Google tryout form
  3. The All Star Application must be completed 1 week prior to the start of that candidate’s camp session.


Overnight Camps:

    • At an overnight camp, the audition routine is the Day 1 Advanced Routine
    • This routine is instructed by MAPP Staff on Day 1 of camp
    • Candidates audition in the morning on Day 2 in groups of 4+
    • Each candidate is evaluated by a member of MAPP Staff


Once a candidate has been named as a member of the All Star Team, that candidate will receive an email with registration instructions. Registration must be completed by the deadline stated in this email, normally end of August.

Registration includes a fee of $50 per All Star. Once the registration has been completed, the candidate has officially become a Mid American Pompon All Star!