Regional Competitions

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Regional Competitions

In order to qualify for the Mid American Pompon State Championships, each Middle School & High School level team must earn a qualifying score at a Mid American Regional Competition. Collegiate teams are invited to perform at Regional Competitions, but they are automatically qualified for State Championships.

The “qualifying score” is predetermined as a set percentage of the total possible points, and this percentage is different depending upon the level of the competing team. Middle School & Junior Varsity Teams must earn at least 70% of the total possible points to qualify for State Championships. Varsity teams must earn at least 75% of the total possible points to qualify.

At the State Championships, varsity teams compete within divisions that are determined by the size of the team’s school (Class A being the largest, Class C/D being the smallest). In the event that one of these division contains a large number of teams, the Class will be further broken down into Divisions based on each team’s Regional score. For instance, Class A Varsity teams can either qualify into Class A Division II (teams receiving 75-79% of the total possible points at Regional Competition) or Class A Division I (teams receiving 79.5% or more of the total possible points at Regional Competition.

Middle School & Junior Varsity levels include a Division I & II at State Championships, but these levels are not broken down by school size. Therefore, all Middle School – aged teams will compete in either Middle School Division I or Middle School Division II, and all Junior Varsity Teams will follow the same structure. These divisions are determined by Regional scores. Division II for JV & Middle School is comprised of Middle School & JV teams receiving 70-74% of the total possible points at Regional Competition, and Division I will be comprised of teams scoring above 74.5% of the total possible points at Regional Competition. Collegiate level teams compete against each other and are not broken down into any subsequent categories.

For further information on scoring, CLICK HERE. For information on Rules & Guidelines for Regional Competition &/or State Championships, CLICK HERE.