What We Do

Our Mission

MAPP was built on the foundation of mentorship, community, and teamwork. We aim to provide young people with tools that will help them to become successful and fulfilled adults through the team environment. Participation in a competitive sport that promotes hard work and dedication in conjunction with positivity and passion is an experience that makes a lasting and positive impact on both team members and coaches. Our mission is to provide the platform for coaches & team members to learn, explore, & thrive!

Our Style

Teams competing at Mid American Pompon competitions continuously set the standard for excellence. Our style, while open to innovation and creativity, holds specific standards that remain steady through all new trends in music, visuals, etc. 

    1. Form First. Teams and routines are each uniquely stylized, but posture should remain strong and open throughout. Certain positions are fairly standard, such as “High V” or “Shelf” position, but there is plenty of room for unique and creative movements as long as the form is identical across the performing team members.
    2. Unity. The aesthetic of Mid American Pompon values the performance of the team over that of the individual. From rhythm and timing to choreography choices, keep in mind that our judges view competition routines from the top of the first section of stadium seating in an arena. It is far enough away that visual effects (groups, ripples, contagions, etc) are able to be fully viewed and allows for team synchronicity to be fully appreciated when a routine is appropriately cleaned.
    3. Strength. Mid American Pompon emphasizes athletic, strong movement. At our Summer Camps, we direct teams to hit movements with muscle on the first moment of their count and hold it there until the last moment,minimizing the transition time between moves. The look is one of power and cleanliness with emphasis on maintained control of body and movement.
    4. Kickline. Competition pompon routines will build around kickline. At Mid American Pompon Regional and State-level events, a 36-count connected kickline is required. This 32-count section must include one 8 count of straight high kicks (i.e. not angled). Outside of this requirement, kicklines will look vastly different and unique between teams and routines. We love to see creativity with this skill as long as proper form is always prioritized. Form includes proper posture, fully extended legs, whip both up & down on count, clean and pointed feet and more. High Kick, Hip Hop, and Dance routines do NOT require this 32-count connected kickline (click here for guidelines specific to these categories). 
    5. Transitions.  Typical Mid American competition routines include approximately 25+ separate formations, with each seamlessly transitioning from one to the next. Mid American Pompon advises that teams change formation at least every  16-24 counts at a time so as to give routines a feeling of constant movement and energy. When transitioning, those moving should aim to arrive at their destination at the same time, adding to the visual appeal of team unity.Some may view transitions as solely the movement to take a team from one formation to another, but when done well, transitions can serve as a defining and appealing feature of a fantastic routine.