After Auditions

If you have auditioned for the Mid American Pompon All Star Team, THANK YOU! We are so proud of all of the auditionees we have had. Whether or not you have made the team, we have some resources for you!

New All Stars

So! You just made the Mid American Pompon All Star Team. Congratulations! Here’s what you do next:

Next Steps

  • Register (coming soon)

    • Submit your Registration fee to officially be named a member of the 2023-2024 Mid American Pompon All Star Team!
  • Order (coming soon)

    • Get ready for performances! Order your MAPP All Star performance poms and uniform top.
  • Register for Events (coming soon)

    • Once you are registered as a team member, you will receive invitations to various performance opportunities and events throughout the season. All of these events are optional! If you would like to participate, you will just need to register for that specific event.
    • The first event of the season is almost always America’s Thanksgiving Day Parade! Keep an eye out for more information on this event.


  • If I make the All Star Team, do I have to attend every performance? NO! Our All Stars, once registered are offered many exciting performance opportunities, but each opportunity is fully optional. We bring you opportunities, and it’s up to you to decide which opportunities you would like to take part in!
  • What do I do after I make the All Star Team? After auditioning for the All Star Team, if you have been accepted as an All Star, it is up to you to ensure you register for the team in order to officially become a member! This registration will be sent to you via email after you have made the All Star Team. Pay attention to the due date!

Potential All Stars

This year’s audition may not have been successful for you. That’s ok! Many of our All Star Team members audition more than once before making the team. We have plenty of resources that may help you to ensure that you are extra ready for next year’s audition!


  • Personal Training

    • Mid American Pompon has a beautiful, state-of-the-art studio in Farmington Hills, MI where we host pompon and dance lessons along with fitness classes. Sometimes, it is helpful to have the one-on-one attention that may be difficult to achieve during a team practice. For that purpose, we offer Private and Small Group pom training with our Studio pompon experts! Check out the Pom Training page for more information.