Audition for MAPP Staff

Mid American Pompon Staff hosts auditions each Spring in preparation for performances and events taking place during the Summer, Fall, and Winter seasons. These auditions are invite-only. To be invited, each candidate must meet all designated qualifications and submit a completed application by that years’ deadline. Then, Mid American Pompon will review each application and will reach out to a maximum of 30 applicants with invitations to attend the in-person audition.

The guide below provides an easy way to walk through the application and audition process, along with some FAQs and resources! Check that out at the link below.

MAPP Staff Audition Guide

Important Links:

2024 MAPP Staff Application

2024 MAPP Staff Coach Recommendation

Important Dates for 2024:

Applications to audition for the 2024-2025 Mid American Pompon Staff are now open!

Applications must be submitted by 5:00pm EST Friday, March 1st, 2024.

Auditions will take place on Sunday, March 10th, 2024.


  1. Candidate must have attended at least 2 Mid American Pompon Summer Camps or Day Camps
  2. Candidate must be either a current High School Senior or a College Freshman*

*Candidates may audition up to two times (once as a High School Senior and once as a College Freshman). Candidates may also choose to audition for the first time as a College Freshman.


  • Completed application, submitted correctly and on time.
  • At least 1 former coach reference, submitted correctly and on time.


Before you apply or audition, it is important that you understand the responsibilities associated with being a member of Mid American Pompon Staff. Please review the below document and familiarize yourself with important dates, times, tryout procedure, and MAPP Staff FAQ responses.

View the MAPP Staff Audition Guide here!

Audition Process:

  • You will be asked to prepare a pom routine that consists of your own unique choreography. Maximum time: 1 minute 30 seconds. More specific instructions will be given in the audition invitation.
  • Part 1: The first part of the day will consist of:
    • You will perform your prepared routine for a panel of judges
    • Speed learning section
    • Interview with MAPP Founder Karen Blazaitis and Team Sales Coordinator Shelby Hastings
  • After lunch, those selected to move on to the next round will receive a callback to the 2nd half of the audition day via envelope. Some candidates will therefore be dismissed at this time.
  • Part 2: Those that have proceeded to the second part of the day will go through:
    • Talk-demo section
    • Group interviews
    • Teamwork activities
  • Following the audition day, Part 2 attendees will receive an email with tryout results within 24 hours.

The Mid American Pompon Summer Camp Staff is the best of the best. Submit your application to audition for the team – you won’t regret it!